Head of Content

London, England, United Kingdom · Marketing


As Head of Content at Fnatic, you have the opportunity to build an industry-leading content machine. You’ll lead a team focused on producing out-of-the-box content that grows and enhances the Fnatic brand, generates product sales across Fnatic Gear, apparel and merchandise, and reimagines how branded content is delivered for our partners. You also lead and further grow a team that intimately understands our current and desired audience, and the best way to leverage social channels to get our content in front of them.

As the leader of the Content operation for the largest Esports team in Europe, you’ll have an unparalleled resource to create memorable storylines and leverage the already significant communities behind our players, influencers and game titles.

You’ll balance a creative mindset with a strong grasp of the numbers, ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve in how we best utilise media platforms to project all that is Fnatic to the world.

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