Social Editor Internship

London, England, United Kingdom


A little about us

We are Fnatic - born in 2004 into the new world of electronic sports (esports). Our mission is to lead the new world sport into every household through content, products and experiences, with the goal of becoming the first globally recognised lifestyle brand emerging from esports.

Due to the explosive growth of our brand and the esports movement as a whole, we’re searching for the next smart and driven Fnatic to join the ride.

What’s the role?

As Social Editor Intern, you’ll need to understand our community before they understand themselves.

You’ll have a grasp on the shifting moods and trends of internet culture, ready to make smart responses, or help come up with an idea for a new engaging posts ready to be shared.

You’ll know engagement from echo chamber, meaning you get how to deal with and understand the data.

But, most of all, you have the constant drive to make our fans love being a part of the Fnatic story, as well as opening up our brand to wider like minded people, who will also grow to love the brand.

Our community is dedicated to laughter, rivalry, sometimes absurdity. You get this, and reflect on internet culture in a way that speaks with them.

You’ll not only work well as part of a team, but also on your own, because sometimes being up late with the community is the aim of the game.

You embrace a global audience and can understand what an audience wants all the way from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur. The sun never sets for Fnatic.

You live for the freshest of memes.




What we have to offer:

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