CS:GO Manager



Summary of the Position

The role as Team Manager is to manage, develop and support the Counter-Strike Global Offensive division. The position is full-time and the job placement is in Sweden, with the exception of the tournaments and promotional events which require international travelling.

Job Description

  1. You are in charge of the overall management of the Fnatic CS:GO team, with responsibilities including but not limited to:
    1. Event planning and overall scheduling
    2. Practice conditions
    3. Communication between players, tournaments organizers and Fnatic
    4. Players’ well-being at events and any other gaming related premise
    5. Educating players about Fnatic’s policies, ongoings and plans
    6. Finance and forecasting
    7. Appropriate usage and promotion of Fnatic’s clothing and hardware
    8. Supervising the Player’s social media and live streaming pages
    9. Player behavior and monitoring of their contractual obligation towards Fnatic
  2. As the Team Manager you are required to host and/or attend meetings with the colleagues of other business function in Fnatic. The main purpose of these meetings is to establish structure and transparency about the ongoings between the manager and the other Fnatic departments.
  3. Aiding the Fnatic content and creative teams in the creation of content and social media related deliverables about the team and its players. Ensuring that these obligations are carried out by the players or relevant staff in a timely fashion.
  4. Upon request, assist the Fnatic social and content teams by taking photos and videos from live events or any other relevant occasion. The Team Manager commits to be reachable at events and other work related travel.
  5. Project managing the requests from sponsors (via Fnatic Biz dev) by educating and informing the players about the upcoming obligations. The Team Manager is at times needed to assist the players and/or team staff in the execution of sponsor deliverables.
  6. Ensuring that the division’s players use, promote and assist developing Fnatic and sponsor related products, services and clothing.
  7. Representing Fnatic alongside the Head Coach and/or the Team Operations Manager in match conflicts and other sports related disputes.
  8. Educating players in sportsmanship, fair play and gaming ambassadorship.
  9. Assisting the Head coach and the Team Operations Manager to scout new player talent and creating a shortlist of prospective players. This also includes obtaining insights on other team’s player’s contract expiration dates.
  10. Establishing a vast network of contacts in the game’s community, such as event organizers, game developers, journalists, team managers and players.


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