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A little about us

We are Fnatic - born in 2004 into the new world of electronic sports (esports). Since then, our charismatic pro-gamers have won thousands of tournaments across more than 20 games, the most out of any organisation. Through these achievements, we’ve grown to over 8 million fans on social media, with 10’s of millions more watching our pro-gamers compete globally each month.

Our mission is to lead the new world sport into every household through contents products and experiences, with the goal of becoming the first globally recognised lifestyle brand emerging from esports.

Due to the explosive growth of the esports movement and Fnatic’s continued success, we are in an excellent position to strengthen our position as a world-leading brand. In doing so we are currently looking to on board a full-time Team Operations Manager that will be vital in helping our professional gamers reach new heights.

Job Description

Reporting directly to Fnatic’s Chief Gaming Officer, the Team Operations Manager will assist in supervising the operations of all our professional teams, our individual players and supporting structure.

Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Team operations - You are responsible for the overall operation and performance of Fnatic’s Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch teams, as well as any new titles that Fnatic may enter in EU or NA. The Team Managers will report directly to the Team Operations Manager and together with them you will collaborate on team evaluation, player development, event planning and bookings, budgeting, practice facilities and other relevant areas that all must meet the highest possible standards of esports.

  2. Recruitment & scouting - As the Team Operations Manager you will work intimately with the team managers, coaches and players of your teams to scout, develop and sign the best gaming talents to Fnatic. The Team Operations Manager is also responsible for the handling of inbound pro gaming applications and inquiries by documenting and replying to relevant prospects, including athletes and games.
  3. Community & game developers - The Team Operation Manager is required to network and establish strong relationships with relevant stakeholders in the community, including tournament organizers, game developers, casters and other relevant entities and individuals. As the Fnatic Team Operation Manager you are also expected to educate the team managers to become expert in their respective games and communities.
  4. Player & talent management - Together with the Fnatic CGO you will help shape Fnatic’s talent management endeavours including commercial opportunities, branding, player contracts, post retirement programmes and other relevant areas that elevate Fnatic’s value proposition towards its professional players.
  5. Scheduling and events - You will be the team managers’ point of contact for all event and travel arrangements including discussions with tournament organizers, bookings and budgeting. As the Team Operations Manager you will also be required to attend major events and exhibitions.
  6. Financing - Under supervision from Fnatic’s Financial Director you will ensure that our teams are operating within the pre-approved budgets. You will therefore be responsible for monitoring and reporting new expenditure and revenues.
  7. Media - The Team Operations Manager will assist Fnatic’s Content, PR and Creative teams to organize interviews and other media related activities with the Fnatic players, including CS:GO and League of Legends.
  8. Sponsorships and products - You will assist the Fnatic business development team in organizing, executing and advising on sponsor related projects and activities. This includes providing the business development staff or sponsors with the relevant contacts and timelines of our teams to ensure smooth and transparent execution and delivery. The Team Operations Manager is also the point of contacts for all team managers when it comes to the supply and updates on sponsor related products and services, including peripheral, hardware, applications and so forth.
  9. Brand ambassadorship - As a key member of our team management you are expected to represent Fnatic as an ambassador towards other esports organisations, players, sponsors and media. This obligation also comes with international travel to the panels, exhibitions, media and sponsor occasions, where a representative from our Pro Gaming department is required.
  10. Prospective teams and titles - You will, together with the Fnatic CGO, research new and existing esports titles for potential future endeavour. Your input, cast against a set of variables will then help in advising our decision making for team investments.


Skills required:

Character, personality & experience


What we have to offer:

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